What is the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat?

A thermometer measures the temperature of the ambient surroundings. That’s it.

It follows the rules of the external and takes on the temperature persona.

Much like how many people react in the world these days, by taking on whatever the group, or crowds mentality or emotional status is at that time…

A thermostat however sets the temperature. It sets the tone for the temperature of the room. It is balanced…

The mark of a leader and a well balanced person is that they are a thermostat and not a thermometer.

Someone who is self empowered and governs their emotions and their mind can be the thermostat for those in the room and the rest of humanity by helping to regulate the imbalanced minds, and the emotional wrecks of humanity that are easily swayed

Temperatures change just as do emotions and the erratic climates of public opinion. It is part of nature

If we truly choose to be centered and poised within ourselves, from our hearts and control our noisy minds we can become the thermostat and not simply be a thermometer… a reflection of others emotions.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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