All serious and non serious athletes these days have some sort-of electronic device on their person when doing activities that quantifies their experience into digital form

Once reduced it is analyzed, processed, digested and then spit out for understanding

It is compared to prior activity levels..

We do this all the time to quantify how much we sleep, we eat, how much water we drink, how many steps we take in the day, how many times we are active or inactive apart from all the exercises that we do that are measured down to the second.

Gathering data is exciting as it can help us progress and get better because if used correctly it can assist in achieving better health.

But it cannot quanity if we are having fun.

It cannot determine we are enjoying being alive

That is an experience that comes from the heart. We each interpret the activity based on how we FEEL… and do not need to be told by anyone least of all a device how we feel

I don’t wear a device except for a swim, bike, or run for training purposes only… I wear no electronics on me period.

The best times i ever got in a race were when my electronics were not giving me any data !!

Stay in the moment and trust the body to know how much sleep, how much nutrition or hydration or how much activity it needs, and above all just enjoy being ALIVE…..

Ps the device will not tell us when we are going to die
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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