True success is not wealth, or knowledge

True success is the impact one has on humanity and the world

So start by impacting 1 person, 1 child,… tackling 1 problem, 1 issue that effects the world

It begins by impacting one self first

We transform our lives with 1 habit change each day in our own lives…

So we transform various parts of our life and uplevel to our full potential by changing 1 habit in our lives each day

Say yes to 1 push up to start exercising

Say yes to 1 healthy vegetable to start eating well

Say yes to reading 1 book a week to start learning

Say yes to 1 thing that scares us to get over fears.

Say yes to drinking 1 glass of water for better nourishment

Say yes to walking 1 extra distance to get better stamina

Say yes to abstaining from 1 junky sugary food to get better at controlling emotions

Say yes to paying 1 part of debt to get better at finances

Say yes to deleting 1 toxic relationship to make way for healthier ones

Say yes to 1 kind word to 1 person to improve our relationships.

Say yes to helping 1 person to make a difference in their life

Keep going by adding 1 habit to change the impact we have one 1 person…

Tomorrow do it all over again

Watch it grow towards a global alchemy

Your powerful ally
Dr Bhatnagar
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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