During the finishing announcements at the ironman competition they called out the atheletes names and where they were from and a little tit bit of a story

There were couples who did the race together and finished together

There was one father and daughter who did the race together as was their dream to do this race

But there was one that really stood out for me….

A 67 y old man who had 2 heart attacks, cardiac bypass surgery and yet finished this race as this was his goal and dream to complete

As a cardiologist, I felt this deeply… revealing to me that we can fix and mend “broken” hearts but despite modern science and technology we can do little to aide in someone fulfilling a dream.. or mend a spirit….

True inspiration and drive that gets someone to attempt a big enough goal comes from their own internal essence

The magic lies within… time to tap into it and shine bright
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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