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Funny conversation.

Daughter: Daddy are you a badass?

Me: Absolutely !

Daughter: Is my brother a badass?

Me: Yes he is.

Daughter : What is a badass? Is it a good thing?

Me: It is like a superhero, or someone who does a epic things.

Son: Who does epic things?

Me: both of you

Daughter: so I am a little badass

Me: yes you are… a pretty big one at times

Both sat and pondered about being a badass for a while, and now they each have been calling each other a badass !

So what is a badass? I have been hearing my friend calling a lot of people “badass” and so I have been curiously using that in statements, answers and comments. So in contemplation this is what came up.

Badass is not just someone who does amazing athletics, or outstanding feats of difficultly. The term is not just reserved for those who accomplish great adventures or achieve a goal.

Badass can be used for someone who shows up despite their fears.

Badass is someone who pushes past all the naysayer voices in their head and says YES.

Badass is someone who chooses to explore their full potential.

Badass is someone who chooses to be that parent the child needs at a difficult time.

Badass is about showing up in life in the moment and holding space for life to work through them.

Badass is more that just a term. It is a recognition for one’s strength and fortitude to accomplish more than what the world perceives of them.

Badass is being human in an extraordinarily grounded way.

Badass is overcoming the mind and unleashing the spirit.

Are you a badass?

I am sure that you are. I am one too. Each time we make a choice to reach beyond our limitations of our minds.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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