What does it take you to say “I love you”

I watching an educational video on” how the world would end ?” Fascinating. A rogue planet could collide with our little world, or perhaps a massive asteroid or meteor instead. Word of an epic Tsunami would instantly strike fear and terror into our hearts. Or perhaps knowing that a huge volcano would erupt that would bring about long term devastation to the planet was in the cards to end humanity. What would you do when you first heard that you had moments left to live.?

Personally I would hug my family and say “I love you”. Yet why I wondered would it take an act of cataclysmic proportion to say these words and yet on a daily basis when I have no idea of the impending possible cosmic end, I roam around irritable or perhaps angry and do not say these words. I would rather roam around grumpy and frustrated than connect with those I love. Yet only at the point of my knowing that I will NEVER be able to say those words again or I will never be able to tell them how I truly feel will I utter my truest and most authentic emotions.

What prevents us from living authentically on a moment to moment basis? Why do we pretend we are authentic only at times of vulnerability or pretend to reveal it in social media. Is the media an outlet of a digital legacy? Do we need to feel instantly forgiven at the time of our doom?

Moreover, how would we feel as we wept and said ” I love you ” as the waiting asteroid that was plummeting towards us suddenly diverted and missed us? Would we feel silly for revealing our emotions and would we continue to be authentic or return back to our old ways.?

Going to try to be more appreciably genuine with my feelings every day. Good or bad. No more hiding the way of my heart depending on what my ego says or what I fear others may think or say.

So on that note, let me start with a “I love you. ”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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