So the other day after my first open water swim.. i went back to the pool for swim training….

Things just didn’t feel the same

Underwater.. overwater.. regardless the feelings were different…

I meditated upon this while in the water and then it hit me…

An idea once stretched cannot return back to the same form…

Same goes for the mind, heart and soul…

Once the mind has been stretched out with new visions.. it cannot shrink back to an older version

Once the heart has opened up to a new level of gratitude, it cannot return back to ingratitude

Once the soul has expanded and seen itself in all its glory, it cannot reduce its light

No experience can be compared to a prior one.. for each is explored as a different version of our self at a different time and space..

The pool was restrictive… bordered, cornered, safe, bi directional….

The lake was far more expansive, near borderless while swimming… less safe from a comfort zone perspective… and omnidirectional

Such is the nature of life…. each stage, each experience, each moment opens us up to the next level of our quantum evolution… and we cannot go back once we discover this beautiful truth of how the universe experiences life through each of us

Enjoy this day for it will never be the same…

Explore each moment for it is unique through all its feelings, emotions, experiences, sensations and interactions
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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