Take in a deep breath. Feel it fill every part of your lungs. When we follow the synchronicity of our breath we uncover that which follows.

The heart.

The opening of the heart is the unfolding of all that is within our inner selves. It is the gateway to our connection to every other open heart of every creature, human, plant, element and life form in the universe.

The breath is that which reminds us of the very pulse of life that was the initiator to our experience. The open heart transforms every experience towards unconditional love frequency that permeates the fabric of time and space that filters from the universal mind of intention or Source.

The breath is with us as our constant companion throughout our journey of every second of every minute of every hour, day, year, decade, lifetime, reminding us of our presence on this planet.

As we learn to reconnect back to the breath and open our heart to the mystical nature of love that is all around us, we are revisited by a gentle traveler who we sometimes seem to forget. Our Higher Selves.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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