I had a visit from my 2 favorite elderly patients yesterday. Mr and Mrs F.

He is 92 years and she is 91 years young. I always enjoy the visit with them as they share lovely stories of how they met or how their lives are as each is getting older.

I inquired : “ How many years have you both been married?”

“ 71” Mrs F replied. Wow I thought my 17 years of matrimony pale in comparison.

“ We have 16 great grandkids “ Mr F said proudly. “ We just keep growing” he said smiling back at Mrs F.

“ How do the two of you manage?” I asked. Knowing that Mr F had not been feeling well of late.

“ I do all his chores, since he has been laid up with his foot. That is why I look more exhausted “ she said without missing a beat.

“ Do you mind?” I asked.

“ Not at all, he would do the same for me.” She replied. Mr F stayed silent looking down at his foot with a slight grin.

“ I have known you both for a long time” I said as we wrapped up and were ready to close the visit.

“ Yes we have. You took care of me back in 2006 when I had my heart problem right after my cancer treatment. I knew I would like you, you were always friendly” Mrs F said looking up at me from her chair.

“ Has it been that long?” Mr F remarked. “ I wondered how we met.”

“ I liked him “ Mrs F said as she replied to her husband and pointed to me. “That is why I dragged you to see him too”

I was silent, remembering that first visit almost an eon ago.

They got up slowly and MR F even slower revealing his disability and his age. “ you have always taken good care of us Doc, thank you “ he said.

“ It is has been my pleasure I assure you. Thank you for the opportunity.” I replied as I bid them well.

I am glad that I had this conversation. I do not know when I get the experience to make a difference in anyone’s life. I try to make each day, each encounter, each patient visit memorable and impactful.

I always hope to meet my patients again, yet I do not know when time will be cut short and our visit with each other will be mine or their last.

Make everything we do and everyone we meet a cherished moment, for this moment is all we ever truly have on the road to infinity.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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