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Follow the message not the man

Buddha was not a Buddhist

Jesus was not a Christian

Mohammed was not a Muslim

Krishna was not a Hindu.

They were teachers of love. They were not the religion that we follow, nor did they create that religion. They simply taught love. It is wise to not follow the man but the message they shared with the world . All too often we follow the man and create man made religions that are based on control and power, without ever truly experiencing the message.

Most blindly follow the being for the mystical experience that they had without experiencing that state of love that is brought back into the world to be shared. Even worse is that the message is at times lost in translation and so the human following chase the words of what is filtered through generations, without ever realizing it.

The few who filter this divine knowledge at times use it to control, and subdue, but never really to enlighten.

The message of love is a state of transcendental frequency and not the physical form of the man sharing that knowledge. It is when these great iconic leaders truly embodied that knowledge and it transformed into wisdom, is when they became that frequency.

There are many from the light that are clothed in flesh who are here on earth who share the frequency of light and love with the world. It is time for a global awakening and a worldly remembering of our true nature that will help us all collectively to ascend the ladder of consciousness.

It begins by slowing down, working on our inner shadows, and discovering the frequency of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and countless other forms of the teachers of Light and love, are actually inside our hearts guiding us back home to the collective of cosmic consciousness.

Follow no one except the heart. That is where the divinity of the soul lies, waiting to shine bright upon the world with unconditional love.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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