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Building Natural immunity

As the world succumbs to the hysteria of vaccinations, it is wise to remember that each of us were born with the natural gift of a powerful immune system. This was designed by the greatest universal mind of intention for the purposes of not simply protection, but for an amazing interaction of the body and the outside world. It is governed by our minds and perceptions.

The origins of medicine were once divided into 2 classes. Those who believed that the problem lay on the outside, and so the solution lay on the outside. And those who believed that the problem lay on the inside and so too the solution lay on the inside. If the problem was outside germs, or evil external demons ( as in ancient lore) then the solution lay in antibiotics, vaccines, and exorcisms. Yet if the problem lay on the inside due to mind imbalances then the solution lay in discovering the natural immunity of the body through corrections of perceptions and natural remedies. And so began the division of traditional and alternative medicine.

As the mice take a break from being experimentally vaccinated, it is wise to explore some of the natural options that we each have to boost our immune system.

Hydration with water
Adequate Nutrition with non emotional volatile foods
Avoid sugars, sweets, junk food
Avoid excess salty foods
Increase VIT A,C, D, Zinc in the diet
Watch out for contaminated or pro inflammatory dairy foods
Stop smoking
Avoid alcohol
Grounding exercises
Rewire the neural pathways through GRATITUDE
STAYING INSPIRED and doing things that one LOVES to do
TURN OFF THE TV and stop allowing fearful external influences ( relationships,social media, news)

These are just some of the simple ways we can each boost our immune system from a natural perspective and evolve and grow.

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Learn to explore the immune system of the self. It is a wondrous creation and it is a part of us at all times.

There is great wisdom of the body. Listen to it.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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