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Full moon january

A magic spell is in the air as we sense the arrival of the second of the January Full moons. There is a terrific feeling of confusion and chaos that seems to have grasped the beginning of the new year, yet all is part fo the balanced dance of the comical cosmos.

The uncertainty will give way to clarity as we are forced to unravel deep emotions, feelings and wounds to the surfaces from not just this lifetime, but generational timelines. Our vision is asked to remain expanded and broad as the events of our lives and that of the world unfold.

A deeper trust within ourselves is brought forth as we embrace these full moon energies and make way for the abundance that is. This is the time to bring excitement and inspiration back into the mix of our already acquainted emotions of fear and confusion and recognize our inner potential that awaits patiently beneath the surface.

So in this period of untold lunar potentiality and potency there is an invitation to create an intention and then set it free into the void, and await the reply of one’s heart.

Remember that you are a gift of the universe.

To this end I have created a powerful invocation to harness the energies.

Sit comfortably, relax, breathe and repeat x3

“ I merge with the infinite energetics of the moon light

I open up my heart to the inner most knowing

I trust the sacred wisdom of the universe to guide me forth

I commit myself to the truth

I awaken my inner divinity and apply this wisdom

I live an inspired life

I fulfill my inspired mission

I am eternal love “


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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