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Dealing with fear

There is no such thing as the unknown.

It is just temporarily hidden

What we perceive as the fear of the unknown in our mind, is only our fears of what we “painfully” imagine is going to happen as a result of remembering what may have happened at an earlier time or hearing or seeing a similar experience from someone or somewhere else

Yet if we shed light on this fear and identify it. Give it a name. It steps out of the realm of shadows and into the light. And as you know, nothing remains dark in the light. It is no longer hidden. It is known.

Unknown to known.


No more fear.

Each perceived imagined emotion in the future or memory of the past has benefits and drawbacks.

If you can see both simultaneously, past and future, there is no fear.

Now action steps in a balanced state can be taken towards an inspired outcome

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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