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Beaver full moon

Happy Beaver Full moon

I thought I would break with tradition of my usual full moon writings and invocations on this particular full moon and its mind bending eclipse this time and shift the point of view.

We always look upon at the moon in these nights but now let us imagine that the moon is looking back at us on the earth. What would the moon see?

A remarkably beautiful blue green back water planet floating on the shores of the solar system, gently bobbing away in the oceans of space. She sees her sister earth in its entirety and not just only when humanity perceives her at night.

She sees each of us with such elegant reverence and offers her reflected light upon our bodies with gentleness and warmth. She opens our minds with fantastical dreams of flight and fancy, yet unlocks our hearts to its innermost desires and dreams. She shines her piercing luminescence into the very fabric of our being as a key would to a portal of our consciousness.

She bows to us with grace and allows us the space to explore the depths of our dreams and brings forth what is hidden to be offered with love. She willingly accepts our pains, our brokenness, our visions and in return mends our fears with inspiration and wipes our tears with love.

There is a beautiful feeling of being cradled within the magic and mystery of the moon, as her history is long and old, much like the ancient wise crone who is forever youthful with wisdom and love. Her blessings continue to provide solace and hope as she dips her divine hand into our river of consciousness to soothe, heal and evolve.

We are indeed children of the sun, stamping our presences onto the bosom of the mother earth, yet it is the moon that has been the nursemaid that rocks humanity to sleep each night since time immemorial and for eternity. She does not question nor does she shrug this great responsibility of care.

With grace and gratitude I offer my obeisances to the moon for her immense love. I welcome her ancient magic to usher in humanity’s new age of being that begins each night filled with dreams and each day to be fulfilled.

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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