No matter what we see in the world there is a beautiful pattern that emerges

Within the leaves, a snowflake, a drop of water, a particle of sand, a microscopic cell, the structure of an atom

Within the formation of rocks, the patterns of a windy storm, the stems of trees, the shape of an eyeball, the beauty of a flower

Within the orbits of planets, the creation of stars, the dance of galaxies

Whatever there is in existence in the Manifest universe, there lies the signature of the artist

It is a unique fingerprint of a divine entity that permeates within and around everything

This beautiful signature lies in each of us.. for each of us is a distinct piece of art… a marvel of the creator

I wonder sometimes when this amazing universal mind of intention and intelligence sits back and looks at His/Her/Its art work.. is there a pause of reflection and a gasp of “WOW !” ?

Look at the mirror each morning and feel that awe as you peer at that reflection… WOW

you are the handiwork of the Grand Organized Design, much like this intricate cut piece of cabbage….

You are the signature of cosmic divinity. Period.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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