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Get centered

I hear from people that they don’t have time to meditate

“Life is too busy.”.. or “too many things to do”…or “I have too many things on my mind”

Yet the truth of the matter is that there is always time to meditate…

Its an illusion of time that we don’t have the time. Or worse yet it is a reflection of a fear that we choose not to make the time

In a perceived chaotic world there are plenty of moments to find the calm, as both calm and chaos exist together in unison in each moment

When we PAUSE we are slowing the gears down to be able to make the time…. meditation can be done at a traffic light, while walking, and even while hearing some one speak to you…

Its about getting fully PRESENT with the moment… breathe.. get present …. pause

These are the first steps to engaging in getting CENTERED and BALANCED

Do you go to the bathroom daily?…well then put down the book or the phone while sitting on the throne.. and find a few moments to get centered !

Till we do not get poised, we do not get present, and when we do not get present, our lives feel like an endless chaotic nightmare of things to do, distractions and outward fires to put out…. when in fact we do not tend to the inner fire first

So find the time… few seconds… minutes… that’s all… even sitting on the potty is a lovely moment to engage and be present with our self, our body’s natural rhythms, and our lives
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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