You may have seen this image or you may not have… take a few moments with me on a quick journey

This is Laniakea a galactic supercluster comprising about 100,000 galaxies. It is 250 million light years across

That red dot is our Milky Way galaxy which includes 200 to 400 billion stars including our Sun. It is 53000 light years across

Our solar system is in the Milky way and is 1.5 light years across

The Milky way sits in the Laniakea supercluster which is not only alive but has a profound level of independent intelligence

So the next time you get hot and bothered by situations in your life….

Eg the current political situation,
climate change or the morning weather
someone’s differing opinion,
a driver cutting you off on the road,
spilled milk,
something not going your way,
Having difficulty at a career or job
A relationship disagreement
Someone doesn’t reply back by text fast enough
Getting angry

Whatever the situation I would invite you to look up at the stars and contemplate the enormity of the universe and the size of your problem….

How big does your problem compare ?

The universe intelligence is in constant flow..

It is the same intelligence that creates the entire cosmos that has to experience your situation..

It sees both situations (galactic creation and your frustration) with the same gentleness and care

Is your upsetting experience worth losing your peace over?

Contemplate on it…

I did it…. then the situation changed
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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