I dont usually do political posts

But this is my perspective… we are in the throes of powerful changes in our climate, our economics, our global connections, our technologies.

our very fabric of life, thinking and very existence is at the precipice of evolution. There is a deep polarization and ergo divide into which party and which president to support in any election

We see no common ground and each person is attempting to show the opposite side that they are right… there is no communication.. there is simply anger, hatred, judgment for each other..

Each camp believes deeply that the other side is evil.. and instead of looking at the whole picture to see the balance we continue to remain divided and allow ourselves to be disempowered and controlled.. as has been the cases of the masses for centuries

Regardless of the party or person… it is self governance in all areas of life that matters most.. so regardless of who wins or loses it is wise to……

Focus on our own SPIRITUALITY and foster that deeper connection with our universe

Be able to become healthier and remain PHYSICALLY sustainable

Be not swayed what to think but be MENTALLY independent and well balanced

Take care of our own FINANCIAL future and maintain security

Foster meaningful and deep RELATIONSHIPS with neighbors, friends, family

Hold a cohesive SOCIAL network position

And love what we do VOCATIONALLY and not be bound by the will of others and dread our livelihoods or careers.

These are the 7 areas of life that we all strive for self Empowerment

So whoever wins or loses… and there is always one or the other… I will work on me each day and evolve, and not rest my destiny in the hands of the few

It is a time for humanity to rise above the madness of control, despair and bigotry.

It is a time for humanity to elevate itself from petty differences and come together and not be torn apart

It is a time for humanity to raise its consciousness and see truth and not shy away in its shadows

It is a time for self Empowerment and freedom and not be chained to the magnetism of the few who thrive on humanity’s destruction and enslavement

The fate of our planet and consciousness is in our hearts, do not surrender it into the hands of those who wish to take away life.

It all starts with seeing the mindsets and judgments of self and researching and education and not blindly following the path laid out by others

Shine YOUR light on YOUR path.. and lead the way
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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