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Life is like apple pie

There is a beautiful process in making an apple pie.

Picking the apples, coring them.

Adding the right ingredients of cinnamon, coconut sugar, the gluten free crust, the almond flour

Then the right amount of time baking
It is enjoyed with the perfect additive of cashew milk ice cream in the perfect setting on a cool rainy day

Ok now that you have your hunger pangs going let’s see how this relates to life

Making an apple pie is just like a life experiment in a relationship with ourselves

We pick the experiences on earth carefully

We spend time getting to explore the life events and letting go of our own roughness, coring our shadows as we find the sweetness within ourselves

We mix life with all sorts of ingredients of experience.

Sometimes things get too heated but it is the perfect temperature that allows us to flourish

At first we may not like the heat. But the harshness of what we perceive in life is needed to make us grow

Then one day we look back and see how every step was necessary for our final product of ourselves to be made.

We enjoy this version of ourselves.. yet moreover appreciate the PROCESS and each STEP along the way

When we chew the apple pie savoring each bite is akin to us chewing and digesting each moment of the life’s experiences.. and enjoy the pauses in between

We add that part of the food to our very DNA just like we add each experience to our life to make it whole

We can bake it and eat it ! That’s what life is about…

Design it with care and digest it with love
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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