Sometimes I teach my 4.11 y old daughter and Sometimes she teaches me, as in this following conversation at dinner yesterday

Me: please eat your dinner

Daughter: its too spicy (it wasn’t actually)

Me: well you are Indian so you can handle it

Daughter: No I am not

Me: well you are originally from India

Daughter: no i am not.

Me: so where are you from?

Daughter: I am originally from God
(Followed by the “duh” eye roll)

Me: (silence….nothing more to add )

We at times attach ourselves to our places of origin on a terrestrial level. We attach ourselves to our material possessions. We identify ourselves by the people we associate with

Yet how often do we recognize our true origins

How often do we look up at the stars and try to remember home?

Children at a young age still have that divine connection and remember it rather, till their internal mind software is corrupted by the world

Our entire journey in life is to come to earth, forget who we are and then spend the time to RE-member our true identity, our true home and why we are here.

It is a beautiful cosmic feedback loop of experience created by the universe for SOURCE AND US

Spend some time each night looking up at the stars and ReMEMBER, ReJOIN the collective of your starry family

Each twinkle is a REMINDER of the light above is the light within each of us
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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