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Leaf walk

Yesterday decided to go on a leaf walk with wifey Nitika Bhatnagar

To explore the different varieties of leaves, we went on a nearby path.

I attempted to photograph as many as I could,… a sample bring shared… yet the more I pursued the variety the more I was perplexed

It was not that I could categorize the different kinds, but instead marvel at literally the infinite forms, shapes, sizes, colors and stages of the leaves..

You know what else is like this in nature?


Each of us is unique and represent the infinite combinations of a magnificent universal experiment of self exploration

It was sheer magic to see the change of each leaf.. just like each of us within..

We are born, age and die and we are in contact change like the leaves.. and to attempt to live with the delusion of consistency is a wasted life.. in my opinion

We come in infinite varieties just like everything in nature.. animals, snowflakes. Leaves

All part of the universe’s grand attempt to understand every part of itself

I put my phone down and just started to enjoy the variety… no judgment, no prejudice of the variety…. just love for the grand design and how it plays its gentle tune in everyone and everything

To be witnessed is the hardest thing we have ever done or can do.

To stop and witness is even harder

Leaf watching was fun.

Snowflake watching is going to be awesome

Human watching without Judgement is even more divine

We are infinite varieties

We are infinite
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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