What do i do when i have a week vacation?

Learn !

Attended my refresher course of the Demartini trainers program with amazing dedicated facilitators (new and old).

Met up with old friends, made new friends

Studied for 15 hours a day with these fantastic humans

We learned, contemplated, broke mindsets and created new vistas of possibilities

Breaking through vulnerabilities

Going deep into the inner work

Discovering the hidden order of the universe

Understanding the ever greater intricacies of human behavior

Opening up hearts

Tears of gratitude

Spontaneous insights

Powerful week of new tools of human behavior that can be used to help serve more people

I love what i do, and do what i love

Teach and serve

Grateful to have met up with these unique individuals and seen everyone come together with their hard work, focus, drive to learn

Till the next perfect time
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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