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The handshake that never was

The handshake that never was

So I met a lovely patient today who had come in for his annual follow up. We had not seen each other in over a year and much had happened since then for him. We had an amazing heart to heart discussion about his trials and his sorrows and how he tried to overcome them.

It was a tender exchange of stories and resolutions. We understood the world in a much better light. He sobbed behind a tear soaked mask. I wanted give him a hug yet I respected his fears over the covid 19 social distancing etiquette, and so remained still. I held space for his grief to transform into relief organically.

Time stood still and we came to a new center. He was feeling better. More grateful for having had the opportunity to unload his burden into the room. In to the crucible of safety and healing that I had created for him and shared with him.

He dried his wet eyes and stood up. So did I.

“ Thanks doc” he said.

And he pushed his body forward with his hand stretched out to shake mine. I naturally did the same.

Suddenly his mind kicked in, and one could see that all the fear mongering brain washed news cycles came flooding in, and he moved hand past mine, as two ships crossing to avoid each other, and his elbow came darting towards me.

I instinctively knew that he now has swapped from the hand shake to the elbow bump as was now the new customary form of greeting. I obliged and dodged the handshake and extended out my arm aiming for his elbow as well.

Unfortunately neither of us had calculated the necessary angular momentum of the gesture and with the forward motion of our bodies we collided. Yet to regain our balance we caught each other in an embrace.

A hug.

The handshake of friendship had organically been alchemized into what was a destined to be a hug of care from the heart despite what the mind had attempted to thwart.

We hugged. We both teared even more as we knew what had transpired. A healing moment despite the over bearing authorities failed attempt to keep humans naturally apart with regulations of distancing and masks.

Humans helping healing humans. Who would have thought that that was the answer to our own evolution and awareness. The mind plays many games. Yet it is always the heart that holds the score.

“ Till the next time we meet my friend” I said squarely looking him in the eye.

“ Yes doc, see you then”, he softly replied

Be kinder to one another, for we never know when someone is hurting, or what someone else is trying to heal within. And perhaps their healing is yours as well.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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