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Under the surface

When the night is full of fire, and the screams have fallen upon deaf ears, there is a softening of the gunfire for but a moment, to take a breath. The filth of the air is thick, with blood and hatred. The malice is palpable to the senses as the fear of the victims rises and the bravado of the violators grows stronger.

This is no longer about the senseless death of a man. This has become the arcade of manipulation by the few for control. Even if he was to be resurrected, the violence would not stop, as this swarm of madness has taken an intelligence of its own. And it is alive and angry.

Yet where did this start? Why was the spark so powerful to ignite the world? The violence is just a symptom of every -ism imaginable. Fascism, racism, nazism are all parts of a far more underlying wound within our consciousness. Hidden deep within our DNA lies the memories of the collective. Old traumas of abuse, hate, bigotry, prejudice, suppression, slavery have all come to the surface to be healed. We are forced to look at these burdened emotions and reckon our scales.

Yet who dares to look at their own reflection and call themselves abusive, hateful, racist, prejudicial, dismissive, offensive? No no not I says the reflection. We are all being called upon to own that which we have snuck away into the history books of our evolution, and not explored. It is too painful to open up those wounds and heal them from inside out. And so we are forced to bandage them from outside in. This is NOT how healing works.

What is being expressed is what should have been cleared as we evolved, yet we as a collective did not. We pushed back our tears and rolled up our sleeves and never said “ I am sorry”. Not just to those we have oppressed. But also to ourselves. If you think I am talking about just one color of race then you would be mistaken. I am talking about every color. Every trauma. Every wound. Inflicted upon each of us, lifetime upon lifetime. We did this to ourselves in the name of greed, arrogance, selfishness, conquest and power.

But do we own that each of us played a role in history. Each of us bear the burden of that fragment of our torture? We all did. Black, white, brown, beige, yellow, old, young, male, female, Christian, muslim, Hindu, gay, lesbian, Bi- or trans, what ever form we are in at this moment is immaterial. We have transgressed and violated our own humanity in some lifetime, and even till this very day in our thoughts, words and actions. It is too hard to own such things as our fragile egos may quiver and crumble.

Each of these perceived terrible behaviors did not show up by accident. Each of them were created within our own psyche and consciousness from the dawn of our evolution when we came down from the trees and stood up on 2 legs, so that we become more authentic to who we truly are. One cannot step into the light without letting go of our darkness.

So locked away within our genetic code lie the memories of these deeds longing to be expressed and the percolation of the violence only further enhances this notion as the energetics from our DNA emanate into our conscious field and manifest. Yet also locked away here lie the embers of a time forgotten when we were kinder to ourselves, we filled our hearts with love and we knew the way home. Just under the surface of the world events and the skin of each human being grows this anger, as we burst with effigy and torment of our minds.

We also have the divine gift to rewire our DNA and create a new world in the image of our open hearts. We see this gift every day when we create children, create music, create art, save a life, communicate with each other with patience and tolerance, teach love, make a leap of understanding and faith, and yell eureka when we create a new technology or way to help our world. This same DNA holds both creation and destruction. What we do with our blueprint is a matter of choice.

The key to unlocking this code, is to own ourselves. Allow us to be witnessed, to be seen and heard. The tantrums of a society are seen as a child jumps up and down, wrecks his toys, breaks her surroundings and has a meltdown. Yet to be able to simply hold space for the child to come back to the moment, to take a breath, and to be able to be held with safety and simply hear “ I got you”. This is the state of our consciousness run amok with a tantrum of epic proportions.

The deepest of wounds need clearing from within. Healing of this magnitude starts with everyone. Every single being on the planet. Why ? Because each one of us contributed to the tearing of the skin of our consciousness in some form or the other, at sometime or the other. The faster we all own ourselves,the faster the healing begins. The more of us that do it the faster the wound closes.

The stars look on without judgment awaiting our return to the light through our staged evolution. Yet there are times this process is accelerated in quantum bounds. We are at a potent fork in the road to either step up or be stepped on. So at this juncture I will begin the process and own it all.

I have been racist.

I have been prejudiced

I have been an oppressor

I have committed slavery to my values.

I have been angry, bitter, selfish, greedy, thirsted for power.

I have killed not just my dreams but that of others.

I have done all this and much more in this lifetime and in other lifetimes throughout my existence in time and space.

The wound begins its first strand of healing.

Now its your turn.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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