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Rx for health

Just what the Doctor ordered. A RX !!

I want you to all feel well and get stronger and healthier

So here is a prescription to help you with that

1 Turn off your TV, smartphones and other hand held devices( you don’t need to be connected 24/7 and get all that radiation to your brain and all that wifi EMF)

2 MEDITATE for a minimum of 30 minutes a day , start with 10minutes and increase accordingly

3 EXERCISE 30 minutes a day minimum… shoot for 1 hour as you build on stretching, aerobic and some weights if you have any. ( if you dont you can pick up household items including kids)

AVOID sugary foods and processed food. ( your body is designed to process natural not artificial test tube made items in a lab)
EAT plenty of vegetables rich in VIT A, D, minerals, probiotics for the gut
GO OUTSIDE and get plenty of sunlight.
JOURNAL your heart out
Start CONNECTing to friends. ( you are a social creature by design, act like it)
LISTEN to Healing frequencies ( you can get them on You time instead of watching crazy fear mongering videos)
Do something that INSPIRES you.
Find a cause that can be of SERVICE to humanity or the planet ( start with your local community and expand)
Create AFFIRMATIONS that are going to make you FEEL good, and not make you feel afraid

Rinse and repeat daily for the next 3months.

These are all easily available and does not require to goto your local pharmacy

Call with questions.

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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