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Confusion to imagination


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist.

There may be times that we feel frustrated, depressed, stressed especially these days with the covid19 fears.

Yet what this brings forth is the shadow frequency of CONFUSION.

Confusion is nothing more than our logical brain trying to make sense of the chaos of the world.

When we feel the resistance and tightness in our bodies we feel the bewilderment of life circumstances

Confusion is the desire to escape the feelings of being overwhelmed by the world and figure it all out

Yet we will either repress the pain and prevent neuro-pathway burnout from over thinking, or collapse the situation into self doubt.

When we suppress the pain it leads to simply following what paradigms families and societies have in place, and does not allow any growth

When we react to the pain it leads to anger, and an external projection and once again does not allow much room for growth

Yet when we hold space for the emotions and feel into them, we contain the pain and the softness at the same time, which promotes expansion, growth and evolution.

Confusion is the shadow that begs to be embraced in order for it to transform organically into the next level of awakening known as imagination

It is the imagination that allows for the beauty within to shine, to create, to truly expand into potential

So do not fear confusion, welcome it, as it is the gateway to your deepest understanding.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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