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Practical steps to consciousness


Emotions running higher with each news sound bite.

Its time to start taking some practical steps to come out of these tumultuous times.

We are all plugged in to the TV, social media, digital devices etc. The negativeness flows like a niagra falls faucet onto our screens in every moment.

Perhaps it is time to take a step back and limit our usage.

The media is in a constant state of sensationalism. I wonder whether the virus is at times not the media itself.

Our emotions are our responsibility and how we respond to them is also a choice.

I talked yesterday about how we can choose to see the benefits of our current situation and learn how to serve others. This impacts our minds yet also begins to rewire the brain.

If we try to find meaning in our lives we find start to control our emotional states that in fact if left unchecked will rule our bodies.

And then quickly drops our immune system.

SO some practical steps we are already familiar with…

1 WASHing hands for 20 seconds ( why it took a pandemic for us to do what we perhaps could have been doing prior is beyond me)
2. Adequate HYDRATION
3. Spending time quietly in MEDITATION at least 10 minutes a day
4. EATing WHOLE FOODS, and not processed foods, or sugary foods ( weakening the immune system)
5. DAILY regimen of EXERCISE. ( whether isometrics, stretching, yoga, workout with weights, aerobics)
7. UNDERSTANDING your judgments
8. LISTENING to relaxing music versus harsh tones
9. DOING things that inspire us .
10. Regular FASTING
12. BREATHE deeper, soften and relax.
13. STAY in any moment longer than a millisecond.

When we do things that inspire us, and live in a space of eustress rather than distress without distractions and judgments, our immune system comes back online.

When we do things that inspire us we become stronger, resilient and can face more challenges.

When we do things that truly resonate with our purpose, our bodies exponentially become immune to the negativity and we build momentum towards living a more authentic life.

When we slow down the pace of our activities and become more certain and present when we communicate, talk, listen, feel, we begin to boost our immune system by allowing it to heal and then heal others as we grow.

The biggest contagion is not the virus, it is the fear that we spread each day.

Hope this helps as a launching board for your healing.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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