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Loving one self

I had a thought the other day.

Out of the soon to be 8 billion people, how many people really irritate me?

I made a short list.

Then I cleaned it up further….. And further…… And further…

Each time evaluating whether they truly irritated me or was it just my perception filtered through guilt or fear.

I finally came upon the one person that irritated me the most.

ME !!

I then made a long list of all the things that irritate me about me !

Most of these items were based on my own perceptions filtered through guilt or fear.

I unraveled the greater awareness that these traits displayed.

Only to then discover that all these irritations were essentially blessings in disguise helping me along the way.

Hmmmm I thought

If these traits no longer were bothering me, then what would happen if I did not have any irritations? How would I see myself?

With love !

I had an overwhelming feeling of greater love for myself and was in complete gratitude for myself in all shapes and forms, including the forms I had once been irritating .

No sooner had I done this, I was filled with love for humanity and the close to 8 billion people on the planet.

It all starts with the Self.

Change the way we look at things, and the things we look at change.

When we begin to love the Self, the Self loves everything and everyone.


Because the Self IS everyone and everything.

There is no separation in the heart, only in the mind through judgement and fear.

Practicing Self love.

That is where the magic lies.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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