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Falling apart or not yet fully put together?

Falling apart or not yet fully put together?

You come home tired. You get the grocery bags out of the car and at the same time try to pick up the child. Your mind is reeling from the busyness of the day.You put everything down, and start dinner,finally  eat, clean up the kitchen, put the family to sleep, and pause at the foot of the stairs as you look up ready to goto bed, and you whisper to yourself” I am falling apart, ” as every bone in your body, and every cell in your brain cries out in pain.This is an interesting phrase that is uttered regularly by most of us, whether you like to admit it or not. At what point do you say enough is enough and make a change? At what point do you try to find better glue to hold yourself together? 
Every individual has their own breaking threshold, which leads to short tempered encounters, anger, bad judgements, wrong choices, and further irritability and frustrations.  The key to not crossing the threshold, is to recognize the limits before they happen, and take the necessary steps to unload and recharge before the breaking point. Putting yourself back together is hard enough, but keeping yourself together is actually easier in the long run. 
There are plenty of ways to put yourself back together. Here are a few examples to get you started. 
-De-cluttering your surroundings at home and at work
-Letting go of unnecessary lists of chores to do. 
-Prioritizing your needs both personal and professional. 
-Understanding your personal space, in mind and body.
-Accept the things you can change and those that you cannot.
-Pick your battles ( or as I like to call it “necessary course corrections”)
-Reorganizing your thoughts
There are equally ways of keeping yourself together. Here are a few examples to get you started.
-Regular exercise
-Better and healthier eating habits.
-Spending quality time reconnecting with nature by yourself.
-Making a cake from scratch and then giving it away to some one else as a gift.
-Giving generously and anonymously 
-Watching children play
-Helping the elderly and sick ( Ironically this gives you a better perspective on life )
-If needed a good cry session by yourself. (This works very well for children, why not for adults?)
You and I were not made by the universal mind of intention to simply fall apart. We were made to last and given the appropriate tools to use at the right time. We all have simply forgotten to use them or too distracted to realize that there is a better way. The only reason why the human race does not just explode at the same time is that everyone’s breaking point is variable. Wars occur when these breaking points coalesce. No one is perfect, but perfection is in everyone, the question is whether we choose to see it or keep smashing our heads against the threshold and then whine about it. How tight have you made every part of yourself that when you falter, you fall apart, and cannot put yourself back together? Do not let that happen to you.
What kind of glue are you using today? 


Author: Brown Knight

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